China has a vast territory. The temperature in the north and southwest plateaus is low, and winter is particularly cold. The quality of the pig house construction will directly affect the economic benefits of pig raising. Therefore, the design and construction of pig farms must be very particular. How to build a pig farm that is not afraid of cold? Let the editor take the latest delivery of Heilongjiang Bei’an Zhao guang project as an example to introduce to you.
赵光一场位于黑龙江北安市,当地冬季时间长,由11月至次年3月。常年平均气温0.8℃,极端最低气温- 41.0℃,极端最高气温36.5℃。赵光一场全场3条生产线,设计规模为存栏基础母猪7500头,年出栏商品猪苗约18万头。 采用欧洲集中式猪场设计,实现全封闭管理,全方位引进欧洲最先进生产工艺,配备自动送料系统、自动环控系统等自动化生产设备,是一个设备先进、生产高效的现代化种猪场。

 The pig house adopts a fully enclosed concrete structure + a steel structure roof structure. The roof panels are made of colored steel tiles, polystyrene boards, etc., which are sturdy and reliable, and can effectively prevent the hazards of snow pressure and strong winds.

 Fully enclosed mechanical ventilation mode is adopted, different air intake modes are used according to different regional functions, combined with advanced imported automatic ventilation equipment to ensure sufficient ventilation in the pig house, and automatic adjustment is carried out according to the outside temperature and indoor environment. When the pig house is ventilated, the airflow should be evenly distributed, without dead ends, and no draughts.
  1. The pig house is equipped with heating equipment. By increasing the thermal insulation performance of building materials, the purpose of heating and keeping warm is achieved, and the indoor temperature is controlled within the comfortable range of the pig herd.
场内配置LNG 燃气炉用来加热热水,通过水暖片散热达到保温效果
In addition to the heatingplates, the farrowing section is also equipped with floors heating and heating lamps to keep warm
  1. Adopt advanced imported electrical equipment and national standard copper core wires and cables. According to the power, voltage, current and other parameters of all equipment in each system, equipped with electrical boxes suitable for production line electricity, standardize and reasonable wiring, prevent electrical overload and electric shock, and ensure Safety.
Standard and neat wiring
For the pig farm, electricity is the second life of the pig farm, and it is difficult to sustain the pig farm without electricity. Electricity can bring convenience to pig farms and at the same time bring greater security risks to pig farms. Therefore, when constructing pig farms, the primary focus of electricity consumption is to ensure the safety of pig farms.
  1. Using scientific automatic waterline system, pigs can drink clean and sufficient drinking water at any time.
Waterline in farrowing section
The drinking water system in the pig house adopts PVC water pipes, which are beautifully laid; equipped with a pressure reducing valve to ensure the stable water pressure in the house and save water. After PVC water pipes are diverted to each column, galvanized drinking water pipe troughs are used, and active drinking spouts are used to prevent infections from being interspersed.
  1. Adopt liquid bubble manure removal mode to effectively remove manure and urine in the livestock house at any time, reduce labor input in the process of manure cleaning, reduce washing water, reduce odor volatilization, and improve the automation management level of the farm.
Replace the traditional manual feeding mode with an automated feeding mode. Feed storage and transportation adopts bulk materials, equipped with equipment for feeding, reducing feed packaging and bagging handling procedures, reducing the labor intensity of the breeder, improving the efficiency of feeding, and realizing downsizing and increasing efficiency .