About Holdmoral

Founded in 2014, the Holdmoral Group is an integrated service provider based on the Internet of Things and digital intelligent control technology, specializing in the scientific design, construction, intelligent equipment supply and farm operation of modern pig farms. The Holdmoral Group has advanced design concepts, rich practical experience, high-quality facilities and equipment, professional R&D, design and construction teams, and has created many successful cases in the construction and operation and management of large-scale intelligent pig farms.

The Holdmoral-style pig farm construction, with the starting point of improving the production efficiency of the operators and the humanized design concept, has been well received in the industry.As of April 2021, Holdmoral has completed the construction of sow farm with an annual production of more than 5.2 million piglets in China.

Holdmoral Group has built more than 40 intelligent pig farms for many well-known companies in the industry, such as WENS, Twins Group, YUEXIU Group, New Hope Group etc.At the same time, Holdmoral has formed long-term strategic partnerships with internationally renowned high-quality suppliers, such as GROBA, VVM, STIENEN, FANCOM, PHILIPS, CAMDA, BOUWIMPEX, NEDAP.

Holdmoral has the qualification of general contracting for construction and safety production license, and has 18 computer software copyright certificates, 10 practical patent certificates, multiple invention patents and appearance patent certificates.

Philosophy and Mission

Business philosophy: professionalism, focus, animal husbandry service, win-win cooperation

Business mission: Committed to providing “intelligent, efficient, green, and low-consumption” human demand protein conversion intelligent pipeline services.

Technological innovation

In recent years, Holdmoral has focused on the research and development of key technologies for digital agriculture construction, using advanced information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, 5G, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to build a “one center, three platforms” digital agriculture support system. They are:

  1. Smart Agriculture Cloud Computing Data Center
  2. Digital Farming Management Platform
  3. Traceability platform from field to table
  4.  Modern Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Production Supply Chain Platform

By improving the innovation capabilities of digital agriculture, driving the digital transformation of agriculture, promoting the improvement of the digital level of agricultural production, operation and management services, promoting the construction of data resources in important fields and key links, enhancing the ability of digital technology research and development, promotion and application, and leading the digitalization of the agricultural industry.

Enterprise strategic layout and planning

With the main line of modern pig farm engineering construction and independent research and development of intelligent breeding technology complementing each other, Holdmoral will continue to expand the pace of intelligent agriculture construction and do a good job of engineering construction management. The subsequent construction of the farm will provide software supporting services to customers and cooperate to establish the production operation System The collection platform aggregates pig farm production data, joint breeding enterprises to purchase feed, management, sales, pork traceability and other “livestock industry block chain”. It is planned that the output value will reach 3 billion within five years, and the supply chain system will be gradually improved. It is planned that 20 molecular companies/factories will be invested and established to improve the overall industrial layout of the company and make due contribution to the promotion of China’s agricultural industrialization.